Message from Principal

- Ms. Punita

A utopia where the mind is without fear, where love moves the world and where joy blossoms in the heart is the vision of our school. The process of educating a child has become a burden on both the parent and the child. Childhood, the period that symbolized freedom, creativity playfulness and joy has somehow been forgotten in the race between school, tuitions, and the keeping-up-with-the – Joneses syndrome. “Educating a child should be holistic, not just a process of stuffing their head with information. We have to see the needs for complete development because the body and mind are inter-linked.” “Basic human values need to be encouraged in the classroom……a child is born with these values and the teacher needs to uncover them. Compassion, co-operation, friendliness, laughter, lightness, wanting to help, a sense of belonging and caring for each other – all of these qualities are there within the child and they need to be brought out.” It is said that to enter the kingdom of heaven, one needs to become like a child: innocent, friendly, simple and natural, if we look around us today’s children are burdened with the weight of high pressure academics, peer pressure, the all – pervasive influence of the media and unrealistic parental expectation. Human nature is similar to the structure of an atom. The central part of an atom is positively charged (proton) whereas the negatively charged electrons are on the periphery. Similarly any negativity that one finds in a child is on the periphery. It is not the real nature of the child. With loving care and attention, the positive values can be brought out. Ms. Punita North Delhi Public School, Shalimar Bagh.

North Delhi Public School