Message From Manager

- Mr. Parveen Kesar

Each of us carries something divine deep within us, something true, pure, eternal and very precious. It is that makes life a supremely beautiful gift and inspires us to grow, to learn, to become……most of us may never realize its existence but it is there, veiled and hidden, behind all our mental noise and emotional clamour: Something very simple, very warm, very light and infinitely loving……we call this the psychic, the divine presence individualized in us. The psychic is the core and seat of our psychological being and lives on life after life, growing through a most marvelous adventure of the consciousness. In our school education, our whole endeavor is to keep the psychic flame burning in our hearts and minds, to allow our whole life to be entirely moulded by a growing psychic consciousness……and from our depths, try to create an environment which would be more beautiful, more true, more loving…..

North Delhi Public School