Transport Facilities

The school has vans for taking students to different places to participate in various activities. The school provides transport facilities to students across the city. To ensure the total safety of children, the vans have attendants on board. At present, the school has a fleet of 4 vans. The parents will be responsible for ensuring that their children reach the pick-up points well in time, as the transport will be completed on time if the child is available at the pick-up point. In case of any problem regarding vans, the Transport Incharge may be contacted.

Computer Labs

Computer education in school plays an essential role in students’ career development. Almost everywhere computers are used at large. This is the need of the hour to educate students in computer education.

Art & Craft

And it’s not just about crafts. We provide space, equipment and – crucially – the technical help to make full use of this for students across Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, Photography, Film, Graphic Design, Games, Illustration, Fashion, and more. And we are firm believers in an open-door policy. Students across all areas of the school can use equipment across campus. We encourage fashion designers to work with photographers, filmmakers to collaborate with costumes, and lots more.

Smart Classrooms

Studies have found that Smart classes can make a massive difference in students’ learning habits. Students have this tremendous ability to work skillfully with various devices. What students used to achieve with half a dozen textbooks is now made available with just a touch in the form of a tablet. It is a transformation of the previous methodology used in traditional schools, from a ‘one to many’ to a ‘one-to-one’ guided learning system.


The laboratory is the natural place for learning science like physics, Biology and chemistry through practical experiments. Our school keeps a reasonably sufficient stock of the apparatuses and tools required to perform the experiments. Each child is given individual attention. Considering that it is an age of rapidly expanding information technology, we have made computer science a compulsory subject from class 1 upwards.

Picnic & Education Outings

Excursions at school extend education beyond the classroom. Students and teachers have visited numerous places around our school and distant places and find the experience of living and travelling together a rich opportunity for learning and becoming familiar with environmental issues, our historical heritage, and important cultural centres. The school places a lot of importance on supplementing classroom learning with visits to historical, cultural and geographical places. Children of primary classes are taken out for picnics to spots in and around Delhi; senior students are taken for educational tours and sports tours to places like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, etc.

Music & Dance

The school has a full-fledged music and dance faculty with various instruments. Both music and dance are vital factors in creating harmony in the student’s lives. They are contributory ingredients in maintaining the emotional health of a student. Music, as well as dance, absorb stress and make a person feel relaxed. Regularly, we hold competitions among the students like singing completion, solo dance competitions, group dance, drama and others to enhance the inner abilities of our students.

Online Fees Submition

Among the current Indian digital environment, E-Payments is becoming the chosen way to pay. It is safe and convenient, users are moving to digital option for multiple choices of payment – through credit or debit cards, bank accounts and e-Wallets. With Internet Payments is becoming one of the most user-friendly payment options in the recent times it is required for the parents also to make payment online for their ward’s school fee.

Sports Facilities

Playing sports can help students increase their self-esteem and develop more confidence . A sportsman knows that winning and losing are parts of sports, so maintaining , a sportsmanship is the best way of mental strength and success.

Physical education games in schools are important and the measures we should take to implement physical education games in our curriculums.


Cognitive Development

Development of Emotional Wellbeing

Development of social skills

Development of self-regulatory abilities

Physical wellbeing development

Creative development


Library Facilities

The library in our school is being made the most attractive place in the school so that students will be naturally drawn to it. Research shows that reading for enjoyment is more important for children’s educational success that their family’s socio-economic status. To develop kids’ interest in reading, we have an interesting collection of story books like PANCHTANTRA , MORAL STORY BOOKS, GRANDMA’S STORIES,FAIRY TALES like Cindrella, Snow white and seven Dwarfs, etc. The way to get children reading is to leave the library door open and let them read anything and everything they want.

Audio Visual Room

To enhance the teaching learning experience and accelerate the reading, writing, and listening skills our school has a spacious and air conditioned Audio Visual Room.

Quantum Station (STEM)

STEM stands for science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

STEM education encourages innovation and creativity. It nuirtures a mindset that values curiosity. STEM education encourages innovation and creativity. It nurtures a mindset that values curiosity, exploration, and experimentation—essential qualities for technological and scientific advancements.




Schoollog App

Schoollog is a hosted solution which is highly beneficial to educational institutions and allows them to monitor the overall working of the whole institution and manage its day-to day operations through the web or mobile app, anytime from anywhere in the world. it nurtures the interaction between school, teachers, students and parents in the most effective way. it fulfills the school’s need for an easy, scalable and economical solution, which is future-proof and can integrate with upcoming technologies.

Commando Park

The commando park provides regular physical training for our young budding minds. This helps them develop skills of dexterity, balance and an appreciation for the rigours of military life.

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