General Information

We offer students everything they can get in comparable schools, but more of it, and better! Besides the courses you’d expect (reading, writing, math, history, science, art) we provide enhanced learning opportunities with advantages like these:

Computer Lab Upgrades

Completely upgraded computer lab, with flat screen monitors and more powerful systems. Many curricular improvements have been implemented as well. Keyboarding is introduced in the third grade; computer literacy in fourth grade, and by eighth grade students will have learned how to design their own web pages!

Assignments Available Online!

Parents like to know what their children are doing in school, and students ill at home want to keep up with classwork and assignments.  In addition to knowing what the assignments are, you can track your child’s progress and receive alerts when achievement falls below expectation.

Regularly Updated Texts Make a Big Difference

Stale study materials promote stale thinking, and burden students with outmoded information. That’s why we take the process of assessment and updating of textbooks very seriously. Textbooks and supplemental resources are updated annually.

Transitional Kindergarten

We designed TK for children who are ready to spend time in a structured environment. Modeled after the 5 year old class, it’s a full day program. The children are immersed in various mentally stimulating activities, presented in a non-intimidating way. Mornings are spent with Language Arts and Math. The afternoon is for Social Studies and Science (with afternoon rest time for those who need it). Specialty teachers introduce students to Computers, Fine Arts, Music, Physical Education and . Since we believe in exposing even the very young to enrichment beyond the campus, we arrange field trips throughout the school year.
At the end of the school year, we evaluate each youngster to determine his or her appropriate placement for the following term.


North Delhi Public School believes that the use of technology can enhance teaching and learning to improve student achievement as well as provide access to valuable, educational resources.  Technology in the classrooms can help more students come closer to meeting the goal of higher academic standards while preparing students with skills and knowledge that we believe are the essential foundations for life-long learning. Technology offers educators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means. When technology is effectively integrated into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of adviser, content expert, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.

Here are some of the technologies NDPS utilizes:

  1. Updated Computer lab and computers in the classrooms/library
  2. Wireless Internet Access throughout the campus
  3. DLP Projectors in all classrooms
  4. Tablet Computers-more information below

Music-The Essence of Civilization

It’s never too early to become civilized! Educational studies reveal a strong correlation between music and academic achievement. Further, many outstanding musicians attribute a large measure of their talent to active exposure to music in early childhood. Hence our elementary music program. Students K-5th Grade get music training twice a week, including basic theory and hands-on experience playing various instruments. Complementing that work is our ongoing relationship with a local music school, which provides our students with dancing and instrumental lessons. Our music program also includes guest speakers and field trips.

Language Training, the Sooner the Better

Linguistic scientists agree that the earlier children are exposed to new languages, the more completely and easily their neural pathways will process language learning throughout their lives. That’s why The North Delhi Public School provide French classes twice a week, from Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Winning Character Education Program

It’s never too early to become a good citizen! Manners matter in life. Our Proper Behavior curriculum consists of twenty two week units that in still the values of honesty, self-respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, honor, respect and forgiveness. In recent years we have extended this program into the community, working with local civic organizations to schedule roughly one outreach event per month. This introduces well-mannered youngsters to a broad variety of community activities.

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